Private Policing

Do you have a business, or a group of businesses experiencing problems with crime within a Business Improvement Association (BIA) or Business District? According to police statistics, our Patrol Special Program was found to reduce crime up to 60%.

Our Patrol Special Program is based on the San Francisco Patrol Special Police, still in operation today. The San Francisco Patrol Special Police is a neighborhood police force authorized in San Francisco's City Charter, but not part of the San Francisco Police Department. Rather they are private police officers, appointed and regulated by the San Francisco Police Commission after an initial security review by the San Francisco Police Department. They are assigned, or can purchase, a specific area, or beat and charge private clients hourly rates for a variety of services.

The force has been in operation since 1847 during the California Gold Rush. By current City Code the force provides patrols on the streets of San Francisco as well as at fixed locations, and also provides a range of other safety services as requested by private clients.

Our program utilizes many of the same function as our San Francisco counterparts. Each BIA functions as its own district. This solves part of the problem of jurisdiction. Even though there is a local police presence, we function separately from them. We operate our own computer-aided dispatch, and everything is recorded to protect all parties involved.

Security Audits are conducted on a regular basis to assist clients in removing problems. Patrols are done by bike, foot, and patrol cars. If the BIA is involved, they are also notified.

If you want to move away from the security presence you have been forced to use, give us a call.

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