Prisoner / Detainee Escort

As more and more services are being outsourced by the government, the need to find an agency with the experience to handle special task is critical. When it come to the transportation of prisoners and detainees, safety and security is paramount. This is where having trained, knowledgeable officers is important.

Our Secure Transport Section is staffed by members with actual experience transporting and handling people in custody. Training is set up to maximize protection of our officers, as well as the safe transport of those in custody. Our experience comes from agencies such as CBSA, Corrections Canada, Municipal and Military Police.

We have instituted a policy requiring that all our drivers possess the unrestricted Class 4 (BC) driver's license or equivalent, for the purposes of transporting using mini-buses. This eliminates any legal argument concerning transportation in Canada.

We can tailor your vehicle requirements to suit the assignment. Options available include marked and unmarked sedans, 7 and 15 passenger vans, up to 24 passenger buses. If there are special requirements, we will do our best to addressed them.

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