Office of Protective Intelligence

Protective intelligence involves the identification & assessment of persons posing a threat against a protectee.

During a protective intelligence threat assessment investigation, analysts assess the intention and capability of the individual to do harm. It is important to note that not only the threatening individual is assessed, but also their life situation. The reason for this is because all humans are capable of violence, given the right circumstances. A non-violent person may suddenly turn violent against their target without provocation by the target, but simply because their personal circumstances have changed (e.g. job loss).

The Diplomatic Security Service’s (DSS') Office of Protective Intelligence (OPI) is responsible for coordinating and conducting investigations into terrorist activities and other threats directed against personnel and facilities, designated dignitaries and other missions in Canada, and internationally.

OPI special agents and analysts deploy globally in support of protective operations for the Director, major political and economic summits and sporting events, as well as supporting protective details for high-level visiting dignitaries. By enhancing our efforts to provide tactical-level intelligence to security decision-makers, OPII ensures the safety and security of client delegations, facilities, and protectees across the globe.

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