Close Protection

Close Protection has gone by many names,  but just a handful of individuals have the proper training to perform this function. Many companies employ employ people claiming to have government or some related experience. Martial Artists have fooled clients into thinking a black belt is a replacement for training and experience. Some security guards have passed off their BST certificate as "protection" training, because the government gave them a license. Local police constables have been working off-duty as unlicensed bodyguards, using their badges for personal gain. The media has people believing that carrying a gun and badge is equal to protection training.

Protection training is different from any other training. In the past, a bodyguard may only have to worry about an overzealous fan. This wasn't a problem for government and corporate entities, because they had access to training. Most of the training came from groups like the US Secret Service and US Marshals. It wasn't until the 80's that training actually started to exist for the private sector. As the mode of operation changed for an attacker, so did the protection training. This created a new problem, availability of better training.

This question is in our mind when offering our services. And better training is the core of what we are. Diplomatic Security personnel are scrutinized, eliminating those without suitable training and experience. Simply put, when it comes to protection, our standards are high. We can't afford to put just anyone into a protection role. Our staff has a minimum of 5 weeks of close protection training, on top of the training they got elsewhere. We do not believe a badge or martial arts belt is a suitable replacement for proper training. Police and martial artists are no match for terrorists, no matter how they entertainment industry portray them. Proper training speaks volumes.

If you have a protection issue, talk to an agency that specializes in protection. Our staff has never lost a client, and has never been in the news or court to justify our actions. Instead of believing media hype, ask yourself what your life is worth to you? Then give us a call.

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