Special Operations

The Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), a subsidiary of the Defense Intelligence Service, is a Private Security Company (PSC) located in British Columbia, Canada. Some of the same people who work for our parent company also help carry out duties for this agency. This allows us to function on the same level as our PSC competitors worldwide.

Our Security Officers are licensed through the Government of British Columbia. But that is where the similarity to other companies end. DSS Officers must be over 21 years of age. After their initial training, they must have a minimum of two years military service, or public/private policing experience. In addition to BST, candidates must possess advanced training in subjects such as handcuffing and First Aid (minimum OFA Level One with CPR/AED endorsement.)

Communicating effectively is also important here. DSS Officers must comply with Provincial regulations requiring security workers to be proficient with the English language, in both speech and written form. All of these requirements set our Officers above many of their peers.

Services available:

• Armored Vehicles with Security Drivers
• K-9 Detection Teams
• Maritime and Airport Security
• Personal Protection
• Prisoner and Detainee Escorts
• Special Events
• Specialized Site Protection

If you have a problem not mentioned above, please contact our office. All calls are confidential.

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