Security Officers

Over the years, security has come a long way from the night watchman walking the beat. Today, security is usually the true first responder, rendering assistance where needed. At times, they are tasked to perform a private policing function. This is a responsibility we don't take lightly.

Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) Officers come from a diverse background. Most of our staff have been in a public/private Police service, and/or the Military. All have completed the mandatory Basic Security Training (BST) course. DSS has gone further by requiring that our staff also possess an Advanced Security Training (AST) Course, and Occupational First Aid Level 1 with AED/CPR certification. We have also begun providing some of our officers with Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) training, to meet site requirements.

Many of our officers have completed the requirements for positions that require government security clearances. As the need arises, DSS continues to look for courses to help advance our Officers along their careers, as well as expanding our services.

Candidates with a history for reliability, punctuality, and other positive traits are given the opportunity to work as supervisors and Managers. DSS Officers are responsive and resourceful in identifying and resolving incidents. DSS Officers are encouraged to be pro-active instead of responsive, give the client peace of mind.

Since we support our troops and first responders, it is reflected in what we pay our officers. Paying better than the industry standard ensures stability of our personnel, and reduces staff turnover. Investing in our staff means everyone wins.

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