Our staff is available to provide various levels of consultation to address your security needs. We can assist with the following:

Security Evaluations: When it comes to business, conducting assessments relating to the vulnerability of physical and intellectual property can mean the difference of life and death. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Fire Safety Plans: Sometimes, we overlook the simple things. A lack of a current Fire Safety Plan can cost lives. Take the time to be up to date.

Emergency Measures: Whether it is a concern about terrorism or forced intrusions, conducting a site assessment is the first step to "hardening a target." Once you know what the problems are, fixing them is easy.

Crisis Management Plans: Many are concerned about workplace violence. Businesses hardly think about this problem until it affect them. This is where the simple process of conducting interviews of known and potential threats will help to determine someone's ability to follow through.

Business Continuity: It happens all the time. A business suffers a problem that closes their doors, never to recover. Take some time and have a plan drawn up to help deal with such a problem before it closes your doors.