24 Hour Monitoring Services

Situations occur around the clock. Responses are ongoing. Somewhere out there right now, video surveillance is right now capturing a criminal act in progress, We have found that in some situations, security is made more effective with an overwatch.

Many agencies now are moving to the use of a Multiple Threat Assessment Center (MTAC) to monitor operations. Here at DSS, our center is staffed by trained and experienced officers, with a Duty Officer supervising.

MTAC is equipped with CCTV Remote Monitoring, allowing DSS to conduct surveillance using a client's hardware. Depending on our agreements, off-site recording can be arranged. We may even assist with upgrading certain  systems.

A new service available is the Lone Worker program. If your company has someone who is required to work alone, this program will allow them to check into a live dispatch service. Our MTAC will monitor them throughout their work day to ensure personal safety, and assist with an emergency response if required.

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